Cork Supply was founded in 1981 by Jochen Michalski, in the well-known wine region of Northern California

Instituto Superior Técnico

The Instituto Superior Técnico (IST)’ mission is to contribute for the society development, promoting a high-quality education in the Engineering, Architecture, Science and Technology areas


The Casa dos Frescos was created in 1999, in Luanda and since then has solidified its presence in the national market

Worldwide companies trust ManWinWin Software

Very positive results at the management level

“We have made our first approach to using a MMS for about a year and a half at one of our oil terminals. The primary objective was to ensure a tool for work management and to ensure the tracking of maintenance actions. Our first experience was with ManWinWin and with very positive results at the management level. There was a clear improvement in the resources management and work follow up bringing efficiency to maintenance, guaranteeing a reliable structure for the introduction of performance indicators and support for optimization actions supported on data.”

– João Alexandre, REPSOL

ManWinWin software is a consistent tool

“ManWinWin software is a consistent tool that dally helps Petibol managing all maintenance task. Enables us to get a better visibility of our problems and weaknesses, which were impossible to evaluate in the past. Now we are more organized, we easily chose priorities, we assign tasks, we control them, and with the performance figures we can set goals and new targets. Now we can “relax” because we know we have a guardian angel.
Nowadays ManWinWin it’s indispensable. It’s like not having a smart phone! Today is unthinkable!
We are very satisfied!”

– Paulo Oliveira, PETIBOL

Increase the quality of the Maintenance Function in our Factory

“The first Impact for the use ManWinWin software was to increase the quality of the Maintenance Function in our Factory. Another important fact is that every users are satisfacted wtih this new tool and pleased with the expectation of evolve in their use;

  • Good Support by the Manwinwin Team and by Helpdesk;
  • Proof of compliance with the established program, relative to the Starting Formation.”

– João Ferreira, ALSTOM PORTUGAL

It's Ease of use and customization possibilities are a must

“ManWinWin is an overall excellent Maintenance Management Software. It’s Ease of use and customization possibilities are a must for a flexible organization like Bosch Security Systems.
The GUI is very easy and in just a few minutes it’s easy to the operator to understand the all factory and facility equipment, cost center and maintenance task organization.
The support, both technical and commercial are very good, fast and in my experience, always with good results.
In Bosch ST, the maintenance and facilities department undertook a positive revolution with excellent results like reduction of costs and internal customers satisfaction. The main weapon in this revolution was and continue to be ManWinWin.”


It is really easy to stablish a preventive plan for every equipement

“ManWinWin helps us to control all maintenance tasks from beginning. It is really easy to stablish a preventive plan for every equipement and also register any parameter needed. I fastly get used to manage the main options and I frequently export a selection of data to elaborate my reports.”


ManWinWin Express

ManWinWin Express is a free CMMS software. Try it and license it forever for free.

ManWinWin Overview

Take a tour and discover how ManWinWin can help your Maintenance organisation and management

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