ManWinWin APP

For Android & IOS, online and offline with all necessary resources for day-to-day operations of job management.

ManWinWin APP overview (pdf)

Total mobility in maintenance management


Even without Internet, because everything works offline too.


Fully integrated with the ManWinWin platform in real time.


Provides all the necessary resources for day-to-day operations of job management.

WEB API Connection

Connect your APP to any database using ManWinWin Web API

Offline mode

All of the features are available offline too

Online authentication

Authenticate to ManWinWin, according to access levels defined in backoffice

Work oders list

Manage all your Work orders in Progress

Task list

Task list with the possibility to mark / unmark and add notes

Materials other costs

Register stock materials and supplier services.

Time consumption

Register your workforce with automatic start and stop.

Reading points

Readings of any parameters defined in the Work Order, like temperatures, consumption, etc.

ManWinWin APP Overview (PDF)

Pdf document with ManWinWin APP features and resources

Open PDF here

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